Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunshine Yellow - Diamine Ink Review

Hello, my dear pen friends! Sorry for neglecting the blog for a whole four months...I was a little caught up in school, out-of-state internship and studying (more like procrastinating for) board exam (which I passed last week. I am now a certified genetic technologist!). Anyway, let me finish up some queued posts before diving into newer purchases (of course I have never stopped hauling stationery).
I think I need to dust the interior of my camera...Those dots are getting crazy.
Diamine Sunshine Yellow is a golden tangerine yellow that looks like liquid sun in the sample vial. The color is bright and workable as a writing ink (the words don't jump out of page but at least it's not like taking note with highlighter). You can put it in the other way that it's a bit too dark/used as highlighter, too light as a writing ink.
Consistency of Sunshine Yellow is a little on the watery side, at least there is some slip that writing was as smoothly as most other Diamine inks. Shading was wonderful on a Clairefontaine grid notebook and water-resistance is none-existent (a few drip and you will get a whole patch of yellow smear). Overall it seems interesting to try out but there is very little practicality (unless you do calligraphy with it using a flex nib).

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