Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wild Strawberry - Diamine Ink Review

 The related picture of the day is that of (according to Trees of Texas plant identifier, this is) yaupon.  (How in the world can I manage to take enough good pictures of strawberries, without gulping them all right away?)
 Diamine Wild Strawberry is a rich and succulent orange-red that gears towards the intense side. The color is very much like fresh strawberry that's not yet ripe (when they ripe, you get more of a purple red) and the color is bright, spring-like without being obnoxious.

Flow wise, it's quite typical of Diamine - Watery (not lubricating in anyway but it neither feathers nor bleeds) but not thin and writes smoothly with a Lamy fine steel nib. In a way, it feels a little squishy like biting into a fresh tomato (does it even make sense?).
When you are dealing with a bright and intense ink, it's best not to expect too much shading, I get a little of it anyway (that's only when I actively look for it). As for water-resistance, there is none. I was drinking ice tea while taking notes (on the other side of this, the DNA and restriction enzyme was for an exam cram a week earlier) and the whole writing the dissolved completely.   

Overall: A fresh note-taking (used alone or as an accent) color and a delight to use during the sunny Texans spring (when summer hits it would be all hot and sticky, and I will roll out my aqua blue...)
One more picture of the fruity tree

Writing sample is Rihwa's Last Love (the lyrics doesn't make too much sense but at least the melody was nice)

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