Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rohrer & Klingner Fernambuk Ink Review

The Sapporo + Fernambuk isn't the best combo out there (ink is too dry for the nib) but I need an excuse to post up this glamour shot so here you go. (One of benefits of stationery-review is that I can always take a gazillion shots after using it, without having to worry about the item looking deflowered. Imagining looking at a close-up of half-used lipsticks...*Shudders* )
Rohrer & Klinger Fernambuk (must have taken me a whole year to learn how to spell this)  is a vibrant Mexican Rose (like the flower worn by Frida Kahlo), it's red and blue (adds up to fuchsia) with a noticeable warm undertone. It looks like a deeper, warmer and more subdued (dusty) take on Diamine Cerise.

Fernambuk is reasonably intense and not that much of a pain-in-the-eyeball. It has a watery consistency that's not at all lubricating with the pen (Sailor Sapporo H-M) so the lines are all dry, Diamine has the same water-yet-doesn't-flow-right-out-of-tine kind of quality but Lamy steel medium nib seem to be more forgiving. Lucikly, the ink doesn't feather much and has tiny bit of water resistance.
Overall: The ink was meh but let's just look at the pretty rose (and bokeh).


  1. I really like the last photo of a rose; only if I have a green thumb and a porch! The color looks very festive to me, but I would have difficult work it in my regular rotation, since my eyes just cannot stare at any shade of red or pink for a long period of time. Surprise to hear that it is dry, since Verdigris has the opposite problem for me.

    1. I don't have a green thumb or a porch. I just carry my camera with me all the time (same thing with pens) and whenever I see a pretty setting, I take a few snapshot. This one was taking near one of those downtown office building during lunch time. For me, it's like preserving the beauty for ever, without any hard work on my part.