Monday, August 26, 2013

J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune Ink Review

J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune is my first bottle of colored ink (before that, I didn't know colored ink/online stationery store existed) and a start of something that's very exciting: Ink hoarding. It's one of the six bottled-ink I own and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.
As with all J.Herbin, Poussiere de Lune flows very well on all pens, the deep-dusky red purple is neutral (enough for daily note-taking or correspondence) with an interesting twist. The shade is kind of nostalgic, as it looks like a potassium permanganate solution (In China kids call it PP powder/buttock powder, as the strong oxidant is commonly prescribed by doctors to sterilize kid's bums).
In Hero 616 (and on cheap paper), it's super intense and doesn't shade a bit. 
Bleed through was pretty bad (not too much feathering though) but that's to be expected with watery inks.  Anyway, the ink doesn't hold very well with moisture or humidity. Be cautious if you are looking for permanence (as there is none).
Poussiere de Lune in Lamy Safari Fine on Clairefontaine Paper (which always yield glorious shading)
Lastly, the compulsory matching picture (the sky turned light navy blue a few seconds after I snapped it).


  1. Poussiere de Lune is one of my favorite dusty purple. Shading is nice and you said, very easy to flush out of the pen. In some light, it has a bit of gray undertone too. A nice and affordable ink!

  2. Oooh, pretty picture! That shot of the moon makes this review really stand out.
    This is one of the six "standard" J Herbin inks; standard in that it is available in a 100 ml bottle. The others are Perle Noir (black), Bleu Nuit (blue-black), Eclat de Saphir (blue), Lie de Thé (brown), and Violette Pensée (violet).
    I have Lie de Thé in my desk pen at the moment; after seeing this review I will probably fill it with Poussiere de Lune when it is empty.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I like Poussiere de Lune! It is great. The only thing I don't like about it (it is a general thing for J. Herbin) I hate the bottle. It is nearly impossible to fill big pens or any pen after you consume the 30% of the bottle.

    By the way, I like your photography!

  4. @Shangching
    One of your favorite "dusty purple"...You mean, there are other dusty purple out there? I have a soft spot for shades like that because it reminds me of Sailor Saturn/Tomoe Hotaru,(I like her personality the most, the rest are way too loud and annoying)not to mention the color is pretty flattering as makeup as well. Beroco has a glimmering dusty purple yarn (alpaca blend)and the color is just so dreamy (it's also called Piotr...Hell yeah for the name).

    Thanks (it was a pretty lucky night I guess, the clear sky here don't turn purple very often, and when it does it's usually too dark). Now I think the French are so cool-and-artistic, they are hipster enough to consider this cool purple a daily-shade (I did use the ink to sign a few forms this week)!

    I usually fill with a syringe so the bottle isn't a problem so far. I like their bottle mainly for the textured paper label and cute drawing. The smallish bottle was also easier to photography as well....

    1. Yes, there are other dusty purple out there. Have you ever tried R&K's Scabiosa? It is an irongall ink and a bit dry, but works like wonders in flex or wet pens. Let me know if you want a sample of it!

    2. Other purples: You might also try the new Caran d'Ache Chromatics "Ultra Violet"; I compare the two in my review at

    3. @Shangching: I do both (though crochet is much easier since I suck at counting rows/stitches)and I used to knit a lot when I lived in China and Canada. South Texas is way too hot for any knitted wear (I remember I was wearing sleeveless last Christmas)but I guess I can always wear some knit beret. P.S. I do like a sample of it (I am about to use up several of my sample vial maybe I will just mail them to you once I finish them? I am not in a hurry though). Thanks for the offer!

      Now I am glad that the difference isn't too big between the two (Because the price tag of Caran d'Ache...)I guess I can always reach for Hero 616 when I want my purple deeper.

    4. I just recently learned how to crochet and started knitting about 2 years ago. Granted in VA, those two skills are more useful than Southern CA, but I found Los Angeles a bit colder than I remembered. The library where I work is always 10 degrees colder than outside (sometimes it is utterly an igloo), so I can still have excuses to wear cowl and shawl.
      Sure, feel free to send me vials and ideas of ink you would like to try from my modest collection!