Friday, March 8, 2013

Cerise - Diamine Ink Review

The azaleas are blooming!   
Pink ink for spring -  Diamine Cerise is a vivid medium blue-pink that looks like a standard pink highlighter when diluted (I didn't bother to dry the pen completely so there was water in the feed). With thicker/more layered stroke, there is also a bit of flamingo/bright orange tone to it, especially as it dries. I noticed an allover golden/yellow sheen on the surface of the water as I was cleaning off this ink (too bad the sheen is not visible on paper).

 I think this is a wonderful choice for demonstrator pen (the pink Kaweco Ice Sport comes to mind) as it's non-staining and looks like fruit punch as it's sloshing in the ink vial. 
Diamine Cerise has a decent shading with the medium Lamy Al-Star, excellent flow, non-feathering and no perceptible lubrication (but again, I don't need any with the pen). There is tad bit of water resistance, as long as you wipe the spill ASAP, you will still be able to read the writing (but it's helpless with soak).
I am not sure if you can tell from the base on the nib (should have taken a picture on the other side...), Cerise leaves a layer of powdery pink deposit allover the tip of the feed, as well as some yellow sheen around the side (since the feed is somewhat blueish, the sheen ends up looking green). It was a little strange since I syringe fill the converter but I guess since it all got wiped away, there was no biggie.
Overall:  I really like the color (probably because I love this shade of lipstick/gloss?) even it's a little bit too neon for daily use...And I think I might need a full bottle once I run out my 3ml sample.

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  1. What a cheery pink! That was cheery, though I suppose "cherry" would work too. Cherry pink :D