Monday, June 17, 2013

M & G Glittery Green Heart Ballpoint Pen

This review won't be all that helpful since the pen was purchased many years ago and only available in China...I just need an excuse to post up the pretty color-matching glamour shots.
A little background of the brand: M & G is a brand founded in Shanghai in 1997, the company was somehow related to the Korean brand Morning Glory (either as a subsidiary or a sister-company) but now it is just going on as its own. The brands makes stationery with cute cartoon figures (I remember there is Miffy the bunny and that blue bear I don't know the name of) and is generally quite affordable, thus popular among school kids.
The little ballpoint pen has a glittery plastic body and a chubby heart clicker. The pen is around the same weight as a Pilot G2 but it's larger in size so I feel it's a little too light for me. It doesn't have a cushioned grip but at least the ribbing makes it easier to hold. 
The pen takes a generic refill (I have a feeling that most finer ballpoint pens in China are like this) that lays down a very smooth, line that's similar to what you get with a 0.38mm gel pen (since the ink is more viscous and doesn't spread out as much). It's generally very smooth for a ball-point (not like Bic at all).


  1. Nice use of (shallow) depth of field in the top pictures.What was it shot with?

    1. Sony a390, which (as with most Sony cameras I have tried) only works when there is a full blast of natural light.