Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rhodia No.11 Notepad

So...I won an Quo Vadis Blog giveaway again. This time, I received a Rhodia No.11 Notepad and a tin of green ink cartridges (Thank you! Sunny at Exaclair! Does it mean that I have used up all my karma for the year already?). It was a very nice pick-me-up after a two-week-long cold and it turns out to be an even better list-keeper than the Clairefontaine mini notebook I won back in February. 
Basic info - The no.11 notepad is 7.4 by 10.5 cm and contains 80 sheets. The paper is slightly lighter (at 80 instead of 90g/m^2 ) compared to the Clairefontaine so it feels a little thinner but I get no bleed through with fountain pen, the traction it provides actually makes writing more convenient (Clairefontaine is too slippery when I use a  soft and broad nib) and comfortable.
The notebook is single stapled bound at the top and has some fold-lines to be flipped around and the hard cardboard cover fairs well with all the tossing actions.
I mainly use the graph paper to keep lists (here is just a "Things to Take Photo Of/Review" for the two blogs I have) and the ruling is perfect for that.

I did a little watercolor test and it passed : Not only it didn't crimple much, the surface is smooth so I have have a long while to move the water/pigment around. I hate it when my uneven blotch of color just got sucked right in (I am still a rookie).  By the way, my ever-changing (still trying find my "style") cartoon figure now looks really different since I chopped off my hair...

Overall: I like the paper (even though still prefer Clairefontaine 1951 collection for the appearance) and I guess if the paper is the same as their webbie, I would totally cave in (I just need to decide which color I want).


  1. LOVE the Number 11 pad. Congrats on your win!

  2. This one's a favourite for me as well! Perfect compact size and great paper.

    The Rhodia Webbie has slightly different paper from the Rhodia pads, as it is 90 gsm instead of 80, and the paper is ivory instead of white.

  3. @Randall:
    Thanks. It was actually really nice thing to try out since I never considered buying any of the pads (I like their web notebook though) since they look a little plain.

    I actually really like ivory paper (like the one in moleskine, but minus the transparency)so that's reassuring! I just hope it wouldn't be too slippery.

  4. Oh what a lovely blog! I am informed about your blog via Pen Addict.


    1. Thanks for visiting! Can't appreciate Brad enough for all the new visitors!