Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ufunland x PPsama Illustrated Notebook

Ufunland 悠乐园 is a Chinese company that specializes in making memorabilia of local cartoon and comic artists. Since I have been following the illustrator PPsama for quite a while, I decided to hop in and get some of her stuff. Namely a blank notebook with several illustration in the front.
 The illustration are mainly about scenes of childhood for kids who grew up in China back in the 90s. There is one about cotton candy street vendor (I loved anything from street vendors back then, they sell so many stuff like Tanghulu, pickled papaya and friendship bracelets that are so ridiculously overpriced here in US), keeping silk worm as pets (yes, our elementary school even sold it for really cheap and it comes with a huge supply of the leaves they ate). Tossing the napkin game (wait, we didn't play that) and playing with glass balls.
 The paper were market as the high quality Daolin paper that's anti-feathering and bleeding. It mentioned something developed by an American company (but I suppose Chinese brands just love making some of aspects of their brand being foreign-sounding).
 The cover is thick and textured and it comes with a slightly smooth (somewhat glossy but not shiny) cover that handles wears nicely. The paper, with the exclusion with the inner cover and illustrated part, is quite thin...
Excuse my language but anti-feather my bum...Anyway, even though the notebooks looks cute and looks well-made. 25 RMB plus shipping was a rip-off (consider a big colored book by the same illustrator costs 25RMB with free in-China shipping) so I will make sure to never buy paper product from the brand ever again...

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