Friday, October 4, 2013

Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic Ink Gel Pen

The pack of Sakura Gelly Roll Metalic Gel pens was another by-product of my after meal trips to Michael's (aka my third home, my second home being CVS). When used with the 50% off coupon they issue occasionally (when they have it, it's usually for the whole week so I plan all of my above-5-buck purchases then), I managed to get the whole set for 8-9 dollars. Michael's is the best place to buy sets like that.
Each pen is slim and come with frosted plastic barrel that are easy to hold. There is matching lid with a clip that's more decorative than practical. Anyway, the pen is pretty enough to look at and very comfortable to hold (given that you don't use it to write for a period of time). As you can see from the tip, all the pen are quite wet/runny (for a gel pen) that not only the ink coats the tip. When it's writing, it also form a puddle on the start of each stroke and takes noticeably longer time to dry.
Why yes, there are two gold ones in the same pack.While these metallic Gelly Rolls are not the best pen for fancier daily writing (I mean, I take notes with lime green inks so this is not too far from that), the ink colors are fairly complex (the glitter gives a nice dimension to each colors and don't appear too chunky or tacky). Overall: They are very nice for adding accents to drawings and writing cards, not so much for writing (too wet/costly and too slippery).


  1. Oh I absolutely adore these. Great job on capturing the metallic bits in the ink!!

  2. Ohhh No I have to collect them, I have a passion on pen. Actually I am working on ink dispensing system