Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lamy Safari - I Pink I Like You

While I am still undecided about the Neon Yellow, I think Lamy hit it right in the nail by re-releasing the Safari Fountain Pen in pink (Note: The pen in this review is provided by Jetpens). Instead of the round dot (original release in 2009?) and pink with pink cross finial (2011 re-release), this years version has a black textured cross. The body is light, glossy and sturdy and I just really like how happy and bright the color is, without being obnoxious.
The medium steel nib write quite smoothly right from the start and the amount of stiffness/bounce is perfect for my handwriting (the very reasons I love the range so much, then there are all the limited editions gimmicks). The blue ink cartridges that came with it is quite wet (hence produces a very noticeable nib creep) and smooth but I switched to a bright pink ink later.
(Pink is for Pushkin, haha) Anyway, now it's confirmed that Rohrer & Klingner is indeed a dry ink. Using the Safari medium nib just makes the writing experience a little smoother. The ink (a little more dusty rapsberry than a true hot pink) isn't a match for the pen but I guess it would be fun to match outfit, lip or nail color with the pen.
The writing is part of the final scene of Eugene Onegin (You will see parts of the novel here quite often, since I am trying to memorize it bit by bit).

The writing sample starts at 2:45 
Part II of the scene

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