Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook in Purple

Here is a lazy Wednesday post (as I have been neglecting this blog) - Earlier this year I won a little Clairefontaine collection 1951 notebook from QuoVadis Blog and as soon as I touched that little thing, I fell in love with the paper went straight to order a bigger one from isellpens (at 3.75 a piece). I guess for smaller order, Jetpens' price is also reasonable if you buy 2 (they are 6 bucks for one or 2 for 8) and have enough product to reach the free-shipping limit.
Beside the dimension, the bigger notebook isn't that different. The notebook is 5 3/4 x 8 1/4, contains 48 sheet of lined white 90g paper. The cover is textured and there are two visible (unlike the smaller version) staples on the spine. It's a little less angular compared to the smaller pocket sized one so the edges don't wear off as much.

Originally I planned to use this to copy down libretto I want to memorize but I ended up ripping the first 3 pages out because I needed a notebook to write my lab journal (you all know my other notebooks are heavy on the pattern and this is the blandest one). Thanks to the smooth paper, it's much more fun writing boring procedures, data and analysis (as I can do it neatly, pausing down to think and look at how pretty inks look on the page). All I need to make sure is to be careful with pens/ink like black Pilot G2 or Noodler's Black, both dries very slowly on this paper and tend to smudges if I accidentally touch the page.

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