Monday, August 12, 2013

Paperchase Wonderland (and Fountain Pen) from Target

 Some cute (well, until I draw really up close) stationery spotted at Target - Paperchase Wonderland sharpener and fordable bag
 Multipen (that look shabbier than the 1-RMB I used in China, back in elementary school) and a fountain pen ($4.99) that takes international cartridges. I am curious how it write (maybe it will get some kids to try out fountain pen) but I prefer spending the money on a budge pen by Pilot or a Platinum Preppy instead.
 Highlighter (which looks interesting with the brown and purple)
 Gel pens.
Binders that looks pretty cool from a distance.
 I used to rave about these mini Green Inspired journals for their price and portability (even though the paper are not fountain pen friendly) and guess what, they have raised the price by a dollar. Time to say good bye.
Mead also jumped into the bandwagon of cuteness (but they still hasn't found the way to appeal to both adult and children)

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