Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kelly Green - Diamine Ink Review

Friendly Neighborhood Duck
Another green from Diamine. Kelly Green is a medium-deep (intensity-wise) green that's neutral to slightly yellow. It's able to shift from fresh early-summer leaves to the peels of Granny Smith apples, in a short and fine stroke. As with all Diamine inks I have tried, there is no feathering/bleed through (even on cheap copy paper)and Kelly Green itself has little-to-no water-resistance. 

The ink is generally very well-behaved but I notice some crumbs forming around the feed and between the tines (same thing happened with Diamine Meadow), keep that in mind if it bothers you.
Taken under indoor artificial light (it has been raining all week) 
Scanned picture of the handwritten review (on a Rhodia No. 11 Pad)


  1. Nice review! I keep hearing lovely things about Diamine Kelly Green. I think a sample might be in order. I adore Diamine Meadow and use it regularly; haven't noticed the powdery or crumb like deposits you have observed here.

    1. I really like Meadow as well but Kelly Green soon won me over, they kind of look similar but side by side comparison shows that Meadows is more muted and brownish while Kelly Green is just happy and bright. If J. Herbin Vert Pre is the go-to green for spring, Kelly Green is the perfect one for summertime.

      As for the crumb, I suppose it has something to do with the hot weather. Anyway, if you search for Diamine Meadow, the third picture result is one with massive crumbing on the feed.

  2. shoot that's a gorgeous green!! I'll have to get some. Great duck picture too.

  3. I would suggest to try Diamine Ultra Green.