Friday, May 17, 2013

Lamy Turquoise Bottle Ink

I have had Lamy Turquoise Bottle Ink since last September and it has always been inked in one of my rotating pens. The ink is pretty much perfect: The color is rich, intense but not too in-your-face. It flows well and look different (and good) with all nib sizes and  it always writes smoothly on paper. Lastly, the unit price is relatively low for such a good-looking and well-behaving ink.
The spinning-top-shaped bottle is and securely plugged in a ring shaped base, which contains a roll of what blotting paper. It's probably not the most space-conscious design but I found it very sturdy, steam-lined (no paper sticker!) and user friendly (it doesn't spill when I try to open it).
Nice texture nib-wiping tissue that I never use (because I syringe-fill my cartridge and converter) - It would be handy if you want to use it for the nib-creep (doesn't happen with this ink) though. 
Lamy Safari Broad with the Lamy Turquoise Ink - The ink shades from sky (on a perfectly cool and sunny day) blue to lighter aqua, so I find it fitting for fall and cooling for summertime. There is a tad bit of water-resistance so it's OK splash but not soak-able.
Not pictured: On a very fine nib like Pilot Extra Fine (on the Penmanship fountain pen), the color is deeper and much more subdued, almost like a royal blue. I will show that later since the pen is currently filled with something else. Overall: Highly recommended (unless you have a lot of other turquoise).
Matching Object: For the Worshipers by Noh Sang-Kyoon (Taken at Houston Museum of Fine Arts)


  1. I love your photos! I do like the blotter paper on the Lamy bottles. Its a nice feature that no other company does (at least that I know of).

    (non-post related: your posts are truncated in RSS readers with none of the lovely photos included. I just thought I would let you know.)

    1. Thanks, Ana! I really like photography and since I have no human models around (I prefer classical musicians or young girls *creep alert*) so I end up blowing my shutter's life on local ducks and craps I buy...At least it (biking around looking for pretty background) gives my lazy@$$ an excuse to exercise.

      As for the shorter feed, I set it up on purpose because 3 years ago I had almost half a year of blog posts copied straight to another site (via RSS feed). The incident freaked me out so now I cut the feed length just to play safe. I hope it doesn't inhibit the reading too much, before I find a better solution.

  2. Very nice! I love the Lamy bottles.

  3. Ditto what Ana said - I love your pictures! They're beautiful and very tempting :) I have absolutely no Lamy inks, but if I had to pick one, this would be the first I'd get!

  4. I liked the matching item so much :) Nice review by the way.

  5. @Speedmaster:
    Wouldn't it be much nicer if they have a rainbow of them (I wish the purple one is available in bottle form).

    Thanks! I supposed the years of beauty blogging does have some effect other than thinning out my wallet.

    @Write to me often:
    The same sculptor did another Buddha in a pinkish pearl sequins but it wasn't in the museum here. Some contemporary arts with historical titbits are super cool!