Sunday, April 14, 2013

Target Sighting - New Notebooks from Paper Chase, Hello Kitty and Green Inspired

Since Target has a pretty big (or wide) clearance a while back (I managed to stocked up a few items 50% - 80% off!) It's natural that now the empty spaces are now filled with new products! I didn't see any interesting pens but there are some really cute notebooks around!

First there are some Paperchase (the label says the brand is from UK) pens, pouches, bag and notebook with spring-like prints.
Binder, paper pad and box (there are also binder/box at the bottom)
New Green Inspired Composition Book with simple Eiffel Tower print (if they are like the Green Inspired notebook I have tried, the paper is probably not fountain pen friendly). 
Chronicle Books journals -  Forgot the price in Target but they are around 13 in Amazon
Listography-list making notebook (sounds like my kind of thing) Gotta like the hand-drawn illustration!

Hello Kitty Journal (they are pink and with some print inside. It's cute but a little juvenile. 
The stitching and quilt pattern look well-done though.
Golden polka dot notebook from Greenroom - From my experience, most of these
"environmental" are not fountain pen friendly (which is kind of ironic since the only take disposable pens?)

More Binders - I think I prefer the navy-gold combo, since it reminds me of night sky.  Anyway, since the sun is finally back (and my cold is gone...kind of) , I can finally get back into the glamour-shot and reviewing (You know, Sony camera don't work unless there is a full blast of natural light...When there is, the result is pretty glorious).

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