Monday, April 15, 2013

Pilot Frixion Light Erasable Highlighter in Yellow

Picked up during my Target stationery clearance haul (in a set, along with three gel pen, for around a $1.5) Pilot Frixion Light is the highlighter version of their famed erasable gel pen. For what I have read in blogs, the Frixion ink are designed in a way that they go away when it undergoes high temperature (either with steam or friction) and can go back when the temperature drops.

As with most highlighter, the pen is lightweight yet it feels solid and well-balanced. There is an inner black sleeve in the cap and the pen body is tapered and has some flame pattern going on, the pattern reminds me of that MTV show Pimp My Ride (aka. Renovate My Car so Looks Like it Belongs to a Gangster) and I am not sure how I feel about it.
The tip of the pen is slanted like most highlighter and the flow is nice and not too wet. I can't tell how it performs in the long run simply because I don't use highlighter (See, there are so many things in the text book that I need to understand so I might just end up highlighting the parts I don't need...) but it does what a normal highlighter does with the bonus of being erasable...While the feature is cool in gel pen because my hand can just go on its own, I am not sure why people need an erasable highlighter? Maybe get carried away using that as well?
Writing sample with Diamine Ink - No smearing and a completely clean removal! Overall: It's cool but I don't really see the point (as least that's coming from a person who rarely uses highlighter to start with).

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