Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mara-Mi Staple Bound Journal

(No blabbing this time) I saw this at Marshall on clearance for 2 bucks so... I caved. The exact name is longer than Mara-Mi notebook but I forgot the whole title after I removed the plastic sleeve...Given that Marshall never has something steadily stocked anyway so the name probably doesn't matter that much. (I have seen this brand available at Target...also on clearance).
Ok, I admit I like it because there is a worried ghost within the silver Effiel Tower. The Cover is made of thinner card board paper and some print (could it be some sort of foreign language?) on the side. It's relatively solid and doesn't wear off quickly. 
The inner cover is a happy yellow strips - Another feature I like. The paper inside is staple bound and contain maybe around 50 sheets (I didn't bother to count) of medium-thickness, non-porous paper that are moderatly absorbent. It's doesn't feel cheap like those composition notebook at drugstore but it's doesn't feel wholesome or expensive either.
 Private Reserve Orange Crush (Look how well it shades !) with Lamy Safari Fine
There is already some bleed through with fine nib (and it got a lot worse with juicy broad) but I guess I didn't expect too much from a 2-dollar notebook anyway.  This review is a little useless but it's just a background info on the paper I use for my more recent ink reviews. In some way, this really reminds me of a slightly smoother and thicker version of the normal printer paper. It's basic, no-frill (no ink pooling around and taking forever to dry) and I like it.

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