Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diamine Meadow Ink Review

Green fish (made of nephrite) overseeing grassy area - The closest thing to meadow among my pictures
Diamine Meadow - Look at the shading (with an EF nib!)
Here is a short green ink review for the St. Patrick's day (it's weird that I love the color green but I don't really care about this day...Anyway, I hope the McDonald Shamrock Shake will still be available for a few more days). Speaking of green stationery, I want need a pen in this color (Lamy Apple Green is a bit too light/neon)...
 Meadow is just like the other Diamine I have reviewed - Flows reasonably well (not as good as Pilot and Sailor but the unit price is a lot more wallet-friendly), has a nice medium intensity, no feather or bleed through with this cheap paper and Lamy EF combo. The yellow-green looks quite refreshing and it's one of the better shaders from what I have tried.
Just realized that I really like how my handwriting look with fine steel nibs like Lamy EF
  Anyway, I bought the sample from Isellpens and the whole range of Diamine inks is on clearance in Jetpens (Meadows is sold out already = _= ) for a little over 10 bucks per bottle. I am trying hard to not get tempted (I always ended up with too many random junk while trying fill the 25-dollar free shipping threshold)....


  1. From your picture, Diamine Meadow reminds me of Apple green cartridges for Pilot Petit. It is a very refreshing color!

    1. It's more intense and slightly more yellow toned and it shades so much better. I definitely prefer this shades (even pilot flows better)over Pilot, which is a little too generic (for a Japanese pen that's named lime/apple green).

  2. A pen in this color? Your 78G can be had in green, but it's a bit forest-ier. And the Prera is just a bit lime-ier

  3. Love the colour of this ink. I like that it's a yellow-green but is not too bright. And the shading is great. :)

  4. Nice review of one of my favorite inks!