Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Choo Choo by Jetoy Illustrated Planner & Cash Book

Three years ago, an exchange student from Korea (who also happened to be an agreeable colleague, friend, short-term roommate of mine) gifted me this planner/cash book to help me, the openly crazy cat lady to,  "organize my spending habit". Wait, maybe it's her passive aggressive way of telling me that I needed to stop cluttering our room with random craps I buy. It's meant to a diary/planner that's specifically designed to help one to track his/her spending (since I can't understand Korean, I just ended up using it as a general planner). 

The squarish shaped planner comes with thick, textured cover that's coated with a thin film of plastic (for some water-resistance). A Google/eBay search tells me that Jetoy is actually a fairly well-know brand that specialized in this kind of cutesy stationery with cat illustration.
The inner cover/title page with a quote by T.S. Elliot. While there is no inner cover on the back, the flab is also illstrated and has a cute paper pocket thing attached to it (Of course I have no clue what it's for).
Another illustration
The first 12 pages (or 24 if you count both sides) are self numbered monthly calender with line for short notes on the right. This is just "what is going to be on the astronomy final" as I forgot my actual notebook on that day.
The next 50 flips (100 pages) are cash spending one like this with places for item, amount (I am guessing) and add up total. I never use it the way it was intended (because I bought too many little and cheap things at drugstores, grocery stores and Michael's and I never wanted to keep a record (in case the total is too scary).

After the spending-keeper, there are a few pages as phone books and wish list-keeping, with areas for name of shop, price and importance. I wish there are more pages like that, because every woman has a never-ending to-buy list. The rest (rough same number of pages as the cash-keeping part) are really cute,  illustrated pages (the illustrated repeat once at the most?) with no line or grid. 
The quality of the paper is really good (smooth, thick and the ink never bleeds on the page), the only down side is that it doesn't work well with fountain pen that leaves out a smooth and too watery line. In that case, the nib just slips on the page and the writing would just take longer than usual to dry.

Overall - According to eBay, these kind of planner costs around 15-20 a piece (including shipping from Korea) and I would definitely repurchase after I filled this up completely.

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