Saturday, December 20, 2014

Brause No. 76 Rose Calligraphy Nib - Glamour Shots Only

Because for the 1.5 years I have purchased this (as a filler, to reach Jetpens free-shipping threshold), I never figured out a way to use it. Yeah, I should have bought some Japanese holder back then...
Anyway, I tried a random nib-holder from Michael's, it was just really dry and scratchy...I have seen people doing magic with this nib so I think I was just using the wrong tool/way. Back to topic (sort of), I love how this small rose "dies" instead of wilting, the petals fades and dries up slowly.
 Anyway, this is just a filler post and an apology for my prolonged absence from this blog. After three months of unemployment, I finally got a job and moved away from the cultural desert called Texas! I have grabbed my fountain pens, Lamy steel nibs (Sadly, I left my Sakura micron and manga pens...before I even get to review them) and will have my bottled ink shipped here!
 I think I will buy a pen or two (or maybe four because I haven't even gotten the Lamy special editions pen this year, consider I love blue-green and coral!) as a Christmas present bundle to myself...Then I have a few notebooks I will be reviewing (I think there will be some snowy backgrounds). So...See you very soon, my pen pals!


  1. Congrats on the new job-
    Glad to read you again-
    Looking forward to your reviews-
    I remain your pen-fan, PamelaK

    1. Thank you! I can wait till my present (from myself) to arrive! It should look good next to the snow...Wait, maybe I should save up my pennies for the Pelikan White Tortoise as well...