Friday, December 20, 2013

Private Reserve Ink in Orange Crush

Private Reserve Orange Crush (I sneaked in Drumgoole's during lunch and bought it for around 9 bucks there) is my most recent bottle-ink purchase. There is 50ml of ink in the awkward cylindrical bottle with the big opening, which is convenient for refilling pen but hard(-er than other ink bottles) to open and can cause spill easily if I am not careful. It got allover the label sticker so I had to peel it off...
Orange Crush is a medium burnt orange that reminds me of sun-dried & spiced orange peel (a healthy Chinese snacks that is bitter, sweet, sour all at once), blood orange, and  the color of UT Austin / Texas longhorn (The Co-op should totally start stocking it and charge 20 bucks for it, as I am under the impression ripping people off is their full-time job, selling books is just their side hobby).
While it doesn't seem like a humanly color, the stain it left is strangely blood-like. The intensity of the ink is deep and the shading is so remarkable that with a fine Lamy steel nib, I can still see the gradation from dusty orange, burnt orange to red.
Final procrastination note  (I had no clue what was going in that class...and my course grade shows) done on some Italian notepad that I got from a workshop. The paper was strangely fountain-pen friendly that I plan to keep it for future writing sample. On a side note, I need to restock some Clairefontaine notebook (they actually made studying somewhat fun!).

When used on a wetter nib with broad nib like Hero 616, the shading becomes almost non-existent (appears more uniformly orange-red) and the bleed-through gets pretty bad. I suppose that how all watery, well-shaded ink are.Overall: While it isn't necessarily well-behaved (then again, a good paper would solve many of the problems it presents) and the color is a little strange for daily use (burnt orange is an acquired taste that's easier for Texans to absorb), I do find it interesting enough to have inked it.used it up several times.
Matching Marigold.

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