Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Uni Hello Kitty Style Fit Multi Pen - Holder & Refill

It seems that every year, Uni Mitsubishi would release a limited collection and this time, it's Hello Kitty! Given that the Japanese yen is going weak at the moment, there is not a better time to make some impulse purchase!
I ended up with two of these Uni Style Fit multi-pens (each takes 5 refills) holders and 7 refills (should have gone with 10 since the limited edition one are actually 50 cents cheaper). From the packaging, these cases are made in China (not Japan, as listed by Stationery Art) and intended for Japanese market only (yet it still made it to Singapore and Hong Kong). 
 The two models I picked are Pink Hearts (an impulse buy that I ended up liking more) and Dot Ribbon (reminds me of a childhood picture as I had a similar overall and a matching cat). The prints adheres very well and the finish is hard (not scratch-prone at all) and displays some very fine metallic glimmer. Anyway, the cases themselves are very solid and well worth the $2.6 price tag.
 The grip section of the pens is clear so it let you see the color of the refill. It's somewhat thick but still comfortable enough to hold. The limited edition refill (Japan-made and $ 0.99 each), which are only available in 7 shades (Red, Orange, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Black and Pink) are adorned with the Hello Kitty heads (both in the refill and outer packaging) which is super adorable (and admittedly a bit too much when used with the busy print on the holders)!
As for the refills, all of them are stiff (tip) and smooth (the rolling action), some shades are a little drier than the other. I experience no skipping or pooling. The two stand out shades are the red (which has a nice cherry tinge to it) and orange (bright, bold and juicy). As for the 0.5mm mechanical pencil...I still haven't found out how to advance it mid-writing. Am I suppose to take the grip out then push the spring?

Verdict: Grab them while you can!
Lastly, here is a little meme-y shout out for Stationery Art (In Chinese we would call that "The Conscience of the Industry"  业界良心),  who has lowered prices on new Japanese products.
Say hello to 25-dollar Pilot Prera (unfortunately, all sold out at the moment)  and $1.95 on Pilot Petit...

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