Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dragon's Napalm - Noodler's Ink Review

Orange-red Hydrangeas
 Noodler's Ink can be hit-or-miss (I try hard to love their bulletproof range but there are so many compromise that I have to make) and when it comes to their normal (gimmick-free) ink, I am glad to find a pretty, non-frill shades that writes well.

Dragon's Napalms seems to be the perfect shades for summer time. The color is predominantly orange-red (depends of the lighting, it's actually hard to tell which tone is stronger. It looks more orange under the blazing sun) but there is also a strong, cool-pink tinge underneath. The pink is only visible when 1. It's thinned out (or on the start of strokes). 2. Under yellow lighting (in that case it looks almost identical to Diamine Cerise) and 3. When it gets on your finger (the pink stains actually survives 3 hand washes before starting to fade).
 Dragons Napalm itself isn't that great of a shader (not to mention the brightness kind of distract the user from it) but we all know with how writing sample on Clairefontaine paper goes...The ink flows reasonably smoothly (there is some partial skipping on vertical strokes like h and b) even though the consistency is somewhat thin and watery (so it dries pretty fast). There is a partial water-resistance, making it somewhat splash-proof. 

Overall: It's an interesting and happy ink for the hot seasons. I like it but I personally prefer golden orange (to one with a punchy pink undertone). 
More hydrangeas
(Almost) Side by side comparison with Diamine Cerise (with a sunnier deposition) you can also see some of the pink tinge on thinner strokes


  1. This is a great color, in some photos it looks like Diamine Coral.

    By the way, did you see the reveal of surprise ink?

    1. Oh, Diamine Coral is on my to-try list as well. It seems to be right between Cerise and this color!

  2. Nice review and really beautiful pictures.
    This ink inspired me to "bring it to life" in a video:

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