Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tchaikovsky - De Atramentis Ink Review

De Atramentis Tchaikovsky is a charcoal with a cool undertone, it's neither blue nor purple so I supposed their description of "silvery grey" is fairly accurate) . The color not only reminds me of the silvery mane of the young-and-dashing Dmitri Hvorostovsky,  it also captures the grave-majesty and moodiness of his music pretty well, at least better than the magenta thing by Noodler's... 
It looks like it's having crazy shading ability but the thing is that, every ink shades and flows smoothly with the juicy broad nib (on Pilot Custom Heritage 91) on Clairefontaine paper. On normal paper and fine nib, it's more of a (dare I say, uninteresting?) water-downed black. Anyway, the ink is well-behaved and has 50% water resistance during a smear test, the top of the color dissolves but the line was still visible. 
Overall: If you like a black ink with some shading, this would get the job done as long as you have the right type of pen and paper. I am still not sure what I think about it. Too boring? A little off-season for the current weather? Anyway, it looks like the color would go really well with the new matte black Lamy Al-Star...

P.S. The writing sample is Tatiana's Letter in Pushkin's Eugene Onegin (English translation /opera adaptation by Tchaikovsky). My favorite interpretation is actually by the young Galina Vishnevskaya (who sounds more like a passionate young girl than an "opera diva" there) but there isn't a video footage of that.


  1. Wow, you write Cyrillic? That is impressive! The color does suit Tchaikovsky's temperament well, since he was a melancholy person. I think De Atramentis is very selective with paper. It will work fabulously on some, and feather madly on the other.

    1. Oh, I took a year of Russian and the cursive writing was the easiest part (there are only 30 something alphabets so it's already easier to swallow compared to the hiragana/katagana in Japanese).

      Now I think of it, this ink really bleed through a lot on cheaper paper (it really just felt like a watered downed black and it behaves like...water).

  2. Oh that's a lovely color. Nice shading. I bet it would look awesome in a flex nib!