Thursday, May 30, 2013

Galison So Meow Notepad - Inspired by Andy Warhol

From the gift shop of MOMA at Atlanta, Galison So Meow Notepad (they call it mini journal)has a cover art inspired by Andy Warhol's book of 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy. I assume the Galison folks just redrew one of the pink-eyed yellow cat on turquoise background.
Andy Warhol's quote on the hot pink spine, which would describe my life in a few years *sighs*. The card board cover is thick enough that it survived my 2 years of tossing around (but I am not too far into the pages, since I have too many notepads lying around = = ...) without to much wear-out or bending.
Small writing sample. This is somewhat fountain pen friendly.
Watery inks writes properly on the paper without feathering but there would still be some bleed through when the nib is too hard, pokey or wet. The pages peel away easily but I suppose for a museum souvenir, it's better when everything stay put?
 According to some etailers, there are 160 lined pages in the notepad but there are some graph paper on the back (I didn't bother to count since I already peeled off a number of pages that I don't remember)so I am not sure how they add up.

Overall: For 3 dollars, which is very affordable for a museum gift product (so affordable that it's not gimmicky any more) and the paper isn't bad at all. Well, I suppose if Clairefontaine/Rhodia would do these kind of cute covers on their pads/notebook, they will sure sell like hot cakes.

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