Monday, February 25, 2013

Michael's - Mini Masking Tape Heaven

Apparently, there are more masking tape at Michael's and almost half of them are on clearance.
Gingham check, arrow and stripy ones 
Polka dost an plaids
Cameo, music score and antique/film print
Spring and picnic-y ones
More stripe and hound tooth. I was already overwhelmed that I still don't know what to pick (good thing for my wallet, I guess).


  1. Whaaaat! Lucky. I was just there on Saturday. Nothing was on sale for me, had to resort to a lonely 40% off coupon hehe.

    1. Come on, you were totally luckier with the 50% off rapidograph (and a half off coupon on top of that)! Luckily I didn't buy anything since I kind of realized that they are a little useless...At least I can seal off the edges of notebook with normal clear tape. These masking tape come right off...