Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uni-Ball Style Fit Slim Ink Gel Pen 0.38 mm - Lime Green

Back in summer of 2012, Uni (Mitsubishi) released a collaboration collection with one of the daughter brands of Japanese cosmetic giant Shiseido, Majolica Majorca (frequently abbreviated as MJ). Being a lover for the MJ visual and a cheapskate (MJ isn't too affordable being a drugstore brand), I reckoned it was the perfect opportunity to get a dose of the princess cuteness - In the form of stationery.
There are quite a few options (including some multi-pens)and I just went with the Style Fit Slim Ink Gel Pen in lime green, with a 0.38mm point. Well, it's green (the color that never goes wrong for me) and it matches something that I already have and love...
 It's not hard to tell that the apple green is designed to match MJ Puff de Cheek in Cherry Macaron (released in the same collection but not as limited edition, but an addition to their permanent line up), with the same color theme and the green/white stripes.
At the end of the slim pen barrel, there is that golden emblem of MJ. Overall the print stays on rather well (not easily scratched away) but there have been wear around the seam of the pen, as I have been tossing it in my messy bag for the past few months.
The Style Fit Slim has a streamed line grip section that shows the width of the point, it's can be twisted and removed while you replace the refill . The overall construction of the pen is solid but given it's slim built and light weight, it's rather uncomfortable to hold after just a short period of writing.
As for the pen/refill itself, I have nothing to complain: It writes smoothly, evenly/consistently and the ink is neither too dry or wet. The lime green ink  is bright, happy and totally legible (although the color is a little too generic among different Japanese pen brands) and the fine width is perfect for adding footnote, making cram-it-all note cards and filling small planner.   

Overall: Not that great of a daily writer (I use fountain pen anyway) but I do like it.

FYI: The pen was purchased from Jetpens and the blush was purchased from Adambeauty (I had happy shopping experiences from both places). 


  1. I have a multipen version of it and I become very fond of it. It is a good daily carry, since not all forms and paper like fountain pen. Ink consumption wise, the refill lasts longer than Coleto. It is the LE body that makes everything more irresistible!

    1. I was actually too cheap to buy the multi- pen (the body itself was five dollars then I had to get the refills)but now I wish I have collected the brown one. I found that with the right ink (noodlers black) and fine enough of a nib (pilot ef)fountain pen actually can work on most paper so I only carry a freebie or ink-gel pen in case other people want to borrow something...Not sure if it's the culture here, they never return what the borrowed!

    2. I have learned my lessons in high school not to carry any extra pens for loan because they are either a. not return b. missing the cap c. getting chewed at the end. Even at work now, I have to be vigilant about my pens because I have coworkers who will not return my nicer pens. My solution to that is direct them to JetPens, so they can get their own!

    3. Actually, even I said I have a gel pen (stocked up during clearance) or two that for other people to borrow but I found that the freebies from companies (computer science/engineering/medical ones have decent quality mechanical pencils /ball point and sometime petroleum companies give out very nice highlighter sets and even 2GB flash drives)I have accumulated quite a few and now all of them just got depleted by the borrowers.

      Oh, no way (in hell) I am letting them use/borrow any one of my pen that's over 2 dollars (Not even pilot petit). lol.