Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pentel Sunburst White Ink Gel Pen Medium Line

I picked this up a year ago at Michael's, simply because I wanted something to write on a colored surface. I don't remember the price but it was something under 2 dollars.  For its price it's a little light and cheap-looking, but it wasn't too horrible or easily-destructable. Unlike most other Pentel pens (or Japanese gel pen in US market), this (at least the body) is made in Mexico instead of Japan.
The pen features a somewhat slender refill (with the date 2011/08/08 on it) that's attached to the white rear cap (where you screw off to replace it). The pen consist of a single body barrel, with no parts that's removable in front of the grip section. Anyway, the grip section is rubbery and comfortable to hold but I don't think there is a need to use it for a prolonged period of time.
A writing (and doodle) sample Pentel Sunburst White Ink Gel Pen - The ink flows smoothly on a smooth cardboard paper, even though I find it a little thin and too ball-point-like (leaving a thicker glob of ink at the start of each stroke and within each line, the center (where the ball makes contact with the paper) is thinner than the two sides. On normal/softer paper, the flow seems to be greatly inhibited that writing small works on top of a water-colored part is out of question, at it's a little too thick and uneven. 

Overall: If you like drawing on dark colored cardboard paper, this does get the job done to some extent. I personally prefer smoother/wetter pens out there (even it means that the ink will run out much faster). 


  1. What can I do if the pen has plenty of ink and it will not write. I have four white pens and none of them will work. they all have their caps on.

  2. Things like that never happened to me (well, this is the only white pen I have) so my guess is that maybe the ink just get dried and stuck to the roller ball, you might want to store it tip facing downward, wipe it with a wet paper towel (or run it through warm tap water) then run the pen on a hard paper surface several times...It might work? That's how I revive normal gel pen that's dried up though.