Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blue White Porcelain Ballpoint Pen

So a few months ago I asked if my mom had a spare fountain pen (they are much more common in China) she was like "Oh, yeah! I received a fancy one as a gift and I will send the whole gift box to you (via snail mail)!"
A few weeks later, I got this...A ballpoint pen that refuses to write. The no-brand pen seems to be from a manufacturer that does commission by making gift sets for various companies (So they just assume people just gift this around without the intention of actually using it) and when things go wrong...Too bad, they don't care.

 Well, at least the pen looks pretty a few meters away (without my glasses), I thought, not to mention it stands upright for my nature-themed glamour shot!
My first impression is that the pen is really heavy (not a nice, solid weight that stabilize in my grip kind of heavy) that it becomes a burden to use. You can tell from the picture that the cap (and the metal cap pf the cap) are both misaligned and beside the weight/crappy craftsmanship, there isn't really other design flow of the pen's body.

The funniest part about this Blue-White porcelain pen is that, it's actually just white porcelain with blue paint that scratches off very easily...There was a "2GB" flash drive that came with the set which I thought would at least be useful...Guess what? It doesn't get recognized (in fact, no computer reacts to it) by any computer...

I am kind of amazed by how bad Made in China products have become (I have two Hero fountain pens after this, one of them doesn't write another spews ink allover the place...), when I loved using them when I was in elementary school.

Overall: DNW^2 (Does Not Write. Do Not Want)

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  1. A lot of MIC products are good for " only look, no touch" because they don't work but look pretty.